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About Us!

Hi! I'm Camille, the founder of the AY Mag, created in October 2020. I always wanted to have a place where our passions could be shared and known worldwide. 10 years ago, aerial yoga wasn't that big. We were just a few, and nothing was available online. When I now see our huge community and the different practices on different apparatuses, it made me realize that we needed to connect with one another. It deserved to have a common space where we could share our experiences, tips & sequences.

So, I just woke up one day with this beautiful idea of a digital magazine, in which every aerial yogi could be represented, and could share everything they want about aerial yoga.


Whether you are a student or a teacher, I want this magazine to be your moment of pleasure. I want you to learn new things, I want us to have a strong connection with each other. I want us to uplift our passion across the world.


I really hope you will enjoy this magazine, that you will share it with your friends and with whoever might be interested.


Let's spread our passion worldwide. Let's know each other.

Aerial Yoga Silkline Balance
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